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What size are your cockapoos? I have had adult cockapoos from 6 1/2 lbs
to 26 lbs. This depends mostly on parent size. The average is about 14-18 lbs.
Can you tell at birth if a puppy will favor the cocker or poodle
It is very difficult to tell at birth if the coat will favor the cocker or the
poodle more strongly. In most litters you will get some puppies that lean each
way. Some female tend to have puppies that lean stronger on way or another.
Halo and Lola's puppies will tend to favor the poodle. Zelda's puppies have
favored the cocker more.
Will puppy color change any? With the buff and blonde colors they
sometimes lighten slightly as they grow. Sable and cafe-au-lait puppies usually
lighten a lot. As far as black they do not change other than the fact that I have
had a couple black puppies born to black and tan moms that were born without
tan but it came as they grew. Chocolates sometimes lighten to cafa-ua-lait.The
markings on phantoms ( black/tan or chocolate/tans) often become more
distinct as they grow. Noses and pads are light at birth on the lighter colored
puppies and they get pigment within the first few weeks.
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How often do I need to get my cockapoo groomed? This depends
strongly on what you want him/her to look like and how often you want to
brush him/her. If you don't mind spending some time brushing and you like a
longer bushier look 2-3 times a year my be enough. If you like a shorter less
demanding coat you may want to get your cockapoo groomed every 6-8 weeks.
I have noticed over the past few years that cockapoo coats grow faster than
Do cockapoos get along well with children and other pets? Yes
Can I have references? Sure I have quite a list of references. Just ask and
I will be glad to send it.
How many litters do you have per year? We started breeding in the
90's. I'm not going to try to go back that far but here is some info from 2003
to present.
2003   6 litters                                        2010    5 litters                                   
2004   9 litters                                        2011     5 litters
2005   6 litters                                        2012    7 litters
2006   12 litters                                      2013    7 litters
2007   10 litters                                      2014    7 litters
2008   11 litters
                                      2015    4 litters
2009     8 litters                              2016   4 litters
Do I give a guarantee? Yes, Puppies are guaranteed to be healthy upon
pickup. If your vet would find a health problem I will return your money. There
is also a one year congenital disease guarantee.Details are printed on the sales
receipt. If you would like to see a copy I can email it to you.
When will my puppy need to see the vet? My puppies have been vet
checked before leaving here. It is recommended but not required that you see
your vet once your puppy is picked up. Puppies will have first shots before
leaving. Shot dates are noted on each puppies diary. Contact your vet with the
date of the first set of shots. Some vets prefer giving the second set 2 weeks
after the first. Some prefer 3 or 4 weeks. I give at 3 week intervals. A third set
will also be needed before your puppy will be set for the first year.
How often should I feed my puppy? While puppies are here they will have
food in front of them at all times. This is for several reasons. First while with a
litter smaller puppies may not get enough food if fed just a couple times a day.
Secondly, if puppies are fed just a couple times a day they may gulp food too
fast and end up making themselves sick. The bad side to this is the puppies will
not get into a routine of meals and potty time. What I would recomend is
continue to feed puppy free choice for a few days. Measure how much your
puppy is eating daily. Then divide this food into three feedings a day. Keep in
mind puppy will need to go out to potty after his or her meals.