What are the differences between males and females?
Females tend to stay somewhat smaller than males.This is not always the case. Be sure
to ask how a puppy compares size wise to the rest of the litter. I keep weights of each
puppy as they grow. Most puppies stay midway between parents in size. Larger puppies
in a litter may get as large as the largest parent and smaller puppies will stay closer to the
smaller parent in size. Occasionally a puppy will stay much smaller than his or her
parents. On the other hand there are times when a puppy will get larger than the largest
parent. The weights of my parents are listed on the parent pages.
Females tend to attach stronger to one family member than the rest. A male will bond
more evenly to the whole family.For this reason if a family needs a puppy that will bond
well with an elderly person or a special needs family member I usually recomend a male.
Females often have more dominent personalities than the males do. If there is a active or
hyper puppy in a litter it usually is the smallest female. On the other hand females do
usually housetrain a little faster. I have had families that felt the males trained just as fast
as any female could.. Personally we like males best. They just seem sweeter and calmer.
Females will get a little grumpy during heat but for a pet she should be spayed anyway.
Many families would not consider a male because they do not want a dog "lifting his leg
on everything." A male that is neutered before sexually maturing will not lift his leg. He
will squat like a girl his entire life.
Do you require spaying and neutering? Although I do not require it I do recommend
it. Spaying and neutering eliminates the risk of cancer of the reproductive organs. It will
also eliminate the mess of a female in heat. I will not go into further details on this
subject but you can find unlimited info on the web.
Which works best two males, two females, or one of each? This strongly depends
on the temeraments of the pets involved.
Usually females are more dominent. Without
discussing your dog's temperament the safest combo would be one of each. If you have
to pick a puppy at birth this is the safest route to go.
How do I pick a second dog for my family? Picking the right puppy is always
important but if you have a dog already it is very important to pick a puppy that will
have a compatable temperament for your current pet. If your current dog has a
dominent personality you want to pick a submissive puppy.
Why are your puppies so much cheaper than other breeders? I get this question
alot. My dogs and puppies are well cared for, healthy, and socialized. The reason my
puppies are cheaper than alot of breeders is location. Since I am two hours from
Pittsburgh and three hours from DC most customers must travel to pick up puppies. I
have to adjust my price to encourage customers to make that trip.
When is the best time to come visit puppies? If you are trying to pick a puppy the
older the puppy the more you can learn about personality and temperament. I am in this
case referring to the first 8 weeks since nearly all of my puppies are sold within the first
7-8 weeks. The best answer I can give is to keep in close contact on how fast the
puppies are selling. Some litters are sold at birth so it may be hard to come meet them
personally. I can be available about anytime to show our dogs and puppies.
Why won't you ship a puppy? Flying would be a tramatic experience for a puppy.
I prefer to meet customers personally and allow the puppies the comfort of traveling
with his or her new family.
Can I buy two puppies? Yes, I will sell two puppies from the same litter. Some
breeders feel siblings will be too attached to each other and will not bond well with a
family. I have not had any customers that felt this was a problem.
Why do I no longer breed schnoodles and pomapoos? The simple answer to this
could be I started breeding cockapoos first. To go into more detail, although the
schnoodle and pomapoo are wonderful breeds I have totally fallen for the cocker and
cockapoo. My family as with many of my customers have allergies and/or asthma. With
the cockapoo you get the unbeatable temperment of the cocker as well as the brains and
hypoallergenic qualities of the poodle.