Poodle Dad's
You may wonder why I have
the birth dates listed for my
adults. I feel age is very
important. After six years the
percentage of birth defects for a
female dog increases just like a
woman over 40 having babies.
The number of breedings is also
very important for the moms.
These factors greatly influence
the quality and temperament of
the puppies.
Pip Squeak's Philandering Phelan
Phil for short) was born in
2009. He has had hip, elbow,
patella, eye and cardiac testing
done. Phil has the best
temperamnet I have even seen in
a mini poodle. Great coat and
nice confirmation. 10 lbs.
This is Snickers.
He is 11 inches and  
8 lbs. at 8 months
old. My guess is he
will add a pound or
two before he quits
growing. He was
born is 2016 and
may have his first
litter in 2017.
This is Noah, a blue
merle parti. He is
the largest of our
boys weighing in at
about 14 lbs.