As you will soon see from these
pictures I do clip skirts off. I know
the cockers are beautiful with
them but keeping them clean and
mat free would be a full time job
with 7 of them to care for.
This is Georgia. She was
born in 2015. Not sure if
you can tell from the
pictures but she does
have some sable so any
of her puppies could turn
sable. Wish I had a
picture of her as an adult
with a full skirt. She does
have a nice one. She is a
tiny girl weighing just 13
lbs. at 22 months old. I'm
sure that will go up a
little after her first litter.
First litter just 4 puppies
but wow what color and
coats. Three of the 4
favor the poodle very
Click to see
pictures of her first litter
Halo was born in 2012. Even though the
grass is wet I think you can see her nice
cocker skirt. She is one of our smaller
girls weighting in at 16-17 lbs.
Georgia the puppy
This is Savannah. She was born in 2015. At
21 months old she is weighing in at 22 lbs.  
As with Georgia she too has a wonderful
thick skirt. Her first litter, born July of
2017, had 6 puppies. Noah was the sire.
They had two chocolate, two chocolate
merle and two blue merle. Puppies favor
the cocker a little more than the poodle but
none seem to be shedding.
Click here to
see pictures of Savannah and Noah's first