Charlie's Story
Charlie is the son of Sasha and Tucker. His litter was due
8-30-06. They were born 9-2. First puppy was born at 10:22
am. Last puppy came at 1:50 pm. There were 9 in the litter.
Puppies range from 5 ozs. to 8 1/2 ozs at birth.
Charlie shortly after birth. He
weighted 7 1/2 ozs. His tail as well as 3
others in his litter are left natural.
Why? Two of then were requested
before birth and since I have been
having more requests for natural tails
I just picked two others to leave
Now 2 weeks old his eyes and ears have
opened. He now weighs 1lb. 1 oz. Puppies
and mom get a first worming at 2 weeks.
Three weeks. Now  1 lb. 6 ozs.  He will
start cutting his first teeth. At this age
the litter is moved from the whelping
box so they can move off their
blanket to the paper to go potty. It is
natural for them to not want to go
potty were they sleep. By this time my
daughter Tesa has chosen Charlie to
be her puppy.
This is
Charlie's litter
at 4 weeks.
Charlie is on
the far right.
Puppies and
moms get
another dose
of wormer at
this point.
Five weeks.
Around this age weaning usually starts.
They get a Neopar shot as well.              
At six week weaning is complete. Another dose of wormer
is given.
7 weeks is time for the vet visit as well as the first puppy
shot. If they are not crate trained by 6 weeks by this time
most are.
Charlie weighs 3 lb. 7 ozs at this time.
8 weeks Charlie says goodbye to all but one of his siblings.
9 weeks Lucy leaves. This is Charlie's first night without a
sibling. He does well, although unlike his brothers and sisters
he is in familiar territoy.
10 weeks Charle is now 5 lbs 8 ozs. I am predicting he will be about
18 lbs. Lets wait and see what happens.       
Now 4 1/2 months
Charlie is becoming
quite a big boy.
He weighs almost 12

Just days later,
after his first hair
Here Charlie is all grown
up. His adult weight is
20 pounds.