Puppies are allowed to leave at 8 weeks. At that time they are vet
checked and have had at least 3 doses of pyrantel pamoate
dewormer.They will have received a neopar shot about 5 weeks.
Puppies still here at 9 weeks receive their first heartworm
preventative. Summer puppies will also receive Advantage flea
preventative if needed. All puppies have had their dewclaws
removed. Some puppies have docked tails and some are left
natural. Over the passed 8-10 years I have gotten more and more
requests for natural tails. Since most puppies are now sold at
birth I dock if you, the customer, wants the tail docked.
Due to a family with allergies our cockers are housed outside.
Each one having her own clean spacious kennel. Puppies are
born in a heated air conditioned room. At 6 weeks they are
weaned and moved in the house full time. At that time we start
the process of taking the puppies out to potty. I do not correct
puppies for accidents. Usually with a litter running around I
would not know who the culprit is anyway. By 8 weeks when they
are ready to go home puppies are very fast to go potty when taken
out. This does not mean they will not have accidents but they are
begining to get the concept. Puppies are crated at night as a litter.
Usually by 7 weeks they are keeping there crate completely clean.
We do our best to introduce puppies to as much as possible. We
have been known to take puppies along on car rides, picnics,
fishing outings, and birthday parties, anywhere they can
experience something new.
Each puppy comes with a collar, leash, toy, scent blanket,
Eukanuba puppy kit with food sample, one year health guarantee,
health history and dairy. The diary has notations of important
medical dates as well as milestones in your puppies life. The scent
blanket will help to comfort him or her on those first few nights
without the rest of the litter. Puppies are registered with the
American Cockapoo Club. A copy of the parents pedigree is also
included with the other reading materials that are included in
your puppy packet..
If you are purchasing a puppy feel free to bring a scent item along
when and if you come to visit. It should be something old that I
can cut into several peices. An old t-shirt, towel, or receiving
blanket works well. If you can not visit in person feel free to mail
me a scent item. Place the item in a ziplock bag before sending it
so that it does not pick up alot of scents on the way. I do not
require this but am glad to use your item so your puppy can begin
to learn your scent.
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