Helpful Hints

Don't forget to ask for a piece of puppies blanket when picking up your puppy. I supply
one with each puppy but if buying from another breeder ask ahead of time if they
would supply that. The familiar smell will be comforting in the first few nights in his or
her new home.

Remember to puppy proof your home
before bringing puppy home.

Remember to keep lots of toys available for puppies so they do not chew on the wrong

Make sure to ask what brand of food your puppy is used to when picking him or her up.
Always switch food gradually by mixing your old and new brands together. 1/4 new to
3/4 old for a week. Then 1/2 and 1/2 for a week then 3/4 new to 1/4 old for a week. This
will prevent any digestive upsets. I suggest my customers allow puppy a week to settle
in to their new home before starting this switch.

If you do not have your own clippers use an electric razor or similar devise to get puppy
used to the sound and vibration of clippers. Clip nails or go through the motions once a
week or so just to get puppy used to this.

Teaching puppy to ring a bell hanging from the door knob is a great way to aide in
house training. Take puppy to the same area of your yard or walk in the same path
while house training. Then you will only have one area of the yard to clean up and the
smell from former movements will encourage puppy to go quickly.

Ask your vet about the danger of rawhide treats. Most vets agree they are not safe.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs. This is important to teach your kids. Raisins, grapes, onions,
macadamia nuts, coco mulch( used in flower beds) xylitol sugar free sweetener( used in
sugar free gum, mints, cookies and candy) are all toxic.

One of the best puppy chew toys I have ever found is a calf nipple. I try to keep these
available for my customers, but they can be purchased from dairy supply stores or
agricultural feed suppliers. Price is around $2.00.

In the event your puppy should eat something toxic hydrogen peroxide can be given to
induce vomiting. The amount needed varies. Give a cap full and wait a few minutes,
then repeat if you do not get the desired result. This may be repeated if you feel
everything was not voided the first time.

Remember people food is for people, dog food is for dogs, puppy food is for puppies,
and cat food is for cats. The exception to this is fresh fruits and veggies. They are as
healthy for your dog as they are for you. Our dogs love them. This is our treat of choice.

Time to buy treats! Read the label. Many have no food value. Don't fill your puppy up
on treats with no food value. If you are a family of 5 each giving the puppy 3 treats a
day he or she is not going to eat puppy food. For a puppy buy treats that are small or
can be broke into small pieces. Even better, buy another brand of
good quality puppy
food. You will have small pieces and a healthy treat. I always tell my customers, I know
your puppy is amazing but he or she can not read the bag. He will not know it is puppy
food and not a treat.

Keeping your puppy in a kennel is not cruel. A kennel is to a puppy what a playpen is to
a baby. They need to be safe when you are not able to watch them. They also often need
and like a place of their very own.

Keep the crate close to your bed at night. Puppy will be much happier if he knows you
are close at hand.

Stainless steel food and water dishes are much easier to clean than plastic. I don't like
the dishes that are connected permanently. You can not clean the water dish without
also emptying the food.

Don't let that cute little puppy chew on your finger. The puppy is going to grow up fast
and you will not want him/her chewing on it later so why allow it now.

When you are picking up a new puppy ask to see mom and dad. It will tell you a lot
about personality and size of your puppy.

Baby shampoo is safe and gentle enough for a puppy. No need to buy expensive puppy

If you have a breed that is prone to ear infections keep the ears clean and dry. After
swimming,bathing, boating etc. clean and dry the ears. A mixture of equal parts
alcohol, vinegar and water can be used for this and also as a weekly ear cleaner.

To avoid drying out the skin you should only bathe puppy once a month.

Many dogs are lactose intolerant so dairy products may cause diarrhea.

Canned food is great for puppies coat but the oils that make his coat shinny will also
loosen his stool so why not wait until after house training to give canned food.
Introduce just a little at a time.

If you feel the need to buy a black light you need not buy an expensive one from pet
hops. The models sold in the lighting department of any store work just as well and cost
a fraction of the price.

Remember that black pets get hot faster in the summer months. Take precautions so
they do not over heat.

If you are trying to photograph a dark pet you will get more detail if you use a dark back